Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing 1FBUSA Online Services

  1. Can I use any computer?
  2. Which Web browser should I use?
  3. How do I access my account?
  4. What are cookies?

Registration and Login

  1. How do I register?
  2. How do I login?
  3. What if I forget my password or username?
  4. How do I change my password?
  5. Why do I need a passcode to log in?
  6. Why do I need a passcode to log in given that I requested that the system remember my device?
  7. How do I delete my online app account?

EMV Chip Card with payWave

  1. Where can I use a chip-enabled card?
  2. How does chip technology provide greater security when I make a purchase?
  3. Will I have to pay any fees to use a chip-enabled card?
  4. How do I pay at a chip-enabled terminal?
  5. How can I tell if a terminal will accept Visa payWave?
  6. How do I pay using Visa payWave?
  7. How am I protected if my chip-enabled card with payWave is lost or stolen?

Autopay Payments

  1. What is Autopay Payments?
  2. How do I set up Autopay Payments?
  3. When will payments made using Autopay Payments be credited to my account?
  4. Will a payment set up using Autopay Payments be credited to my account if I make another payment?
  5. How do I cancel or change a payment set up using Autopay Payments or revoke my authorization for Autopay Payments?
  6. Do you charge any fee to make payments using Autopay Payments?
  7. What happens to the payments I set up using Autopay Payments if my payment due date changes?

Other Services

  1. How can Customer Service assist me?
  2. How do I contact 1FBUSA Customer Service?
  3. May I make a suggestion?

Student Loans

  1. Does 1FBUSA offer federal student loans?
  2. When does repayment of my Stafford Loan start?
  3. Can I check my student loan account online?
  4. Who do I contact if I have questions about my 1FBUSA student loans?