1st Financial Bank USA (“Bank”) is pleased to provide information, for public inspection, related to its efforts in meeting the credit needs of its community as defined under the Community Reinvestment Act (“CRA”). The CRA regulations provide that a financial institution may elect to have its CRA performance evaluated under the strategic plan option. The Bank has established a strategic plan (“Plan”) with a four-year term covering calendar years (“CY”) 2023 - 2026 and an effective date of December 21, 2022, that identifies how the Bank will meet the credit needs under the CRA. The Plan has enabled the Bank to tailor its CRA goals and objectives to address the needs of its community consistent with its business strategy, operational focus, and capacity and constraints. In the Plan, the Bank identified specific goals for its traditional lending efforts as well as community development lending, investments, and services which were determined based on the specific needs identified in each of the Bank’s assessment areas. The Bank determined those needs based on economic, demographic and institution- and community-specific information which the Bank compiled and relied upon to determine relevant and meaningful goals when developing its Plan.

Interested parties can review the data provided and print hard copies of documents as needed. If you have comments or questions about the Bank's CRA performance or would like a copy of the public file mailed to you, please email CRA@1fbusa.com with your request. If you prefer to mail your correspondence, please mail your comments, questions or requests to the Dakota Dunes office location under the “Office Locations” ribbon below. A copy of the Bank’s CRA Public File is available for review at each of its respective offices. A reasonable fee will be assessed to cover the Bank’s costs of copying and mailing files.


Community Reinvestment Act ("CRA") Public File

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